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Not 'why we go fishing?' ( everyone writes about that !) , this is more about why what we do works... thinking about why we aren't catching, or why we are... why did changing something work? Or didn't work?

Angling, thought about  from a different angle !

Izaak Walton wrote that 'fishing, is so like Mathematics, that it can never be fully learnt' ... he was right.



Angler. Writer. Engineer. Special Needs teacher. Proud Dad.

I caught my first fish aged 4. In the subsequent 40 plus years I’ve fished for both coarse and game fish all over the UK and Ireland; in Africa, Goa and (briefly) the Caribbean. Having enjoyed match fishing in my teens and early 20’s, I turned to fly fishing for a change, qualifying as an instructor in 2006. I’ve taught ever since, both coarse and game, mainly young people and those with learning difficulties. 'Thinking Fishing' is my first book, and is a collection of articles that were written for publication in The Countrymans Weekly, (I have a monthly column) and Staffordshire Life magazine, and some new material.

I wanted to write a book that would make anglers think about what they did, and why they did it. I hope it succeeds in that, and maybe even encourages anglers to try and do things differently.



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On a river, somewhere in Staffordshire, UK


LOCATION: On a river, somewhere in Staffordshire, UK

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