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Thinking Fishing - the book!

Exciting times - the book, or more accurately, the ebook, is starting to take shape. All the writing is now done, a cover has been thought up and commissioned (the amazing Joe Watson, at is the brains behind that ), and I'm in touch with a professional formatter, who will do all the technical stuff, actually getting the book onto Kindle.

More decisions coming up.... the sequencing, the actual 'look' of the book, separating coarse / trout /miscellaneous articles into chapters, which photographs to include (do photos really work on Kindle?).

This website and blog is also a new experience for me, especially as social media really isn't my thing.

Hopefully the book will go 'live' in October, and will initially be available through Kindle. What happens after that, I have no idea!

Thinking..... about fishing...

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