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Nearly there....

A self imposed deadline of tomorrow is now in place. Tomorrow is the day (Sunday 24 September 2017) when I email my ebook to the formatters and start a process that has been years in the making. I've drawn a line .... whats done, what's written; is what is going to be in the book. I think you have to reach a point where you just accept its done, other wise I'd be forever adding bits and fretting about whether stuff should be included or not!

An example..... I enjoy cooking. I'm not a chef. At best I'm safe in a kitchen and have so far only set fire to two. Some of the fish dishes I cook are edible and I'm told are quite tasty. So I've scribbled (or typed) out how I do it and included them in the 'miscellany' section of The Book. And now I'm stressing about whether I should leave it in or just delete it.... I mean, I'm not Jamie, am I? Who's going to read about how I cook a trout? Anyway. Its in. And tomorrow it all gets emailed to Jo Harrison ( who will hopefully make some sense of it.....