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Good News !

Progress ! The Book (I can't bring myself to describe it as a 'manuscript') has been shared on Google drive with the brilliant Jo Harrison, (there's a link to her website on the Links page) who is busily formatting away as I type. Like many, I am happy to tap away using Word, but HTML? Coding? eBook reader compatibility? Forget it. Pay an expert. The really good news is that it could be ready to upload within a week.

I've amended my Amazon account so they now think of me as someone they can send money to rather than just take money from...

Now I realise I am making the assumption here that my ebook will actually sell a few... optimism is they key here.... surely someone will buy it?

Jo H. has also suggested I upload the Book onto Smashwords. I had no clue about this one; its like a distribution service for independent authors, putting ebooks onto Kobo, iBooks and many others worldwide.

So ! Progress is most definately been made. Its exciting stuff. I realise now why some authors find it easy to fill full time hours....its taking longer to get the book 'out there' and marketed and publicised than it took to write.

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